Saturday, March 2, 2013

Book Review- Jenny Pox by JL Bryan

I read Jenny Pox by JL Bryan some time ago and loved it. It was recommended by another of my favorite independent writers Amanda Hocking which was a good enough reference for me. I have since read every book in this series and loved them all.

The Book:

Jenny Pox is the story of a loner girl with an ability that kills who falls in love with the one person immune to her power. On the surface it may seem like the usual boy meets girl, teen super power story line but it is far more than that. The strong plot line beneath the story is well developed and gets more intricate with every twist and turn. His characters are well rounded and consistent to the overall story arc.

Also JL Bryan moves the story at a good pace and doesn't shy away from topics like sex, pregnancy, and drugs. Instead his characters deal with them within the context of the story. I truly appreciated this as many young adult authors struggle to integrate the harder parts of teen life into fantasy based stories. For JL Bryan this is seamlessly, and tastefully handled.

I would recommend this book to anyone 15+ who loves romance, young love, and the supernatural.

Warning: This book is addictive and you will want the sequels!

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