Thursday, March 7, 2013

Judgement by a Skirt Length

Today I was reading an article about judging women by their skirt length. Below is the photo that sparked the conversation.

 While it is a thought provoking photo of judgement in real life I wondered how it applied to the steampunk community. Do we as a community judge woman by their skirt length. If so what type of judgments do we make?

My answer is that we are human and do judge, but the judgement is different. Within steampunk women find a place of empowerment where skirt length is a reflection of your character, your occupation, or just your preference. I like to think we are a more open minded group where matronly would be replaced by formal, and provocative would become armed and ready to fight. Perhaps I'm wrong, but that is what I choose to believe about the world we create among ourselves.

I would love to hear the thoughts of other women in the steampunk community. Do you judge a person based on their skirt length? When at a steampunk event does that judgement change?

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