Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Victorian Living History with Period Clothing

Over the weekend I met two lovely ladies who where wearing some fantastic Victorian Ear gowns. I was so impressed with the idea I have begun to look into purchasing a period gown of my own. But alas they are all so tiny! Victorian era woman were on the smaller side but they came in a variety of shapes and sizes so I will continue to search for one I can wear. Here are a few of the dresses I have been drooling over.

Striped silk/velvet bustle dress, 1870s From Vintage Textiles

If you are interested in finding Victorian Era clothing of your own here are some tips I am using to find my own period clothing. 

Tips for buying period or vintage clothing. 

These links have some great tips for identifying and purchasing period clothing.

Ebay Vintage Tutorial 

Vintage Fashion Guild 

Bush Craft

Finding Your Period Pieces

There are plenty of places to buy antique clothing, where ever you decide to buy from check their reputation and reviews to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.

Ebay- Ebay is a great place to find period pieces from all over the world. Be careful that you check the measurements.

Victorian Elegance- More expensive than Ebay but they do have some larger sizes.

Antique Dress- This sight has some great options and lots of complete sets.

Vintage Textile-  Though pricey this sight has some AMAZING dresses.

Good luck finding your own fantastic Victorian Era clothing!

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