Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Put Your Best Hand Forward- A Guide to Gloves

When completing any ensemble the well dressed lady knows what accessories decorum dictates. Whether you are attending afternoon tea or strolling around the promenade gloves are a necessity for any Victorian lady. Which gloves to wear is dictated by the function you are attending and your budget.

General Glove Ettiquette:
Taken from Godey's Lady's Book

White gloves should be worn only for ceremonies and the greatest of occasions. Outside of these occasions white gloves should never be worn. Additionally only white kid gloves are acceptable, white gloves of any other material are considered vulgar.

Black gloves are acceptable when in mourning. Should a darker color be desired dark grey, blue or brown are acceptable.

Gloves should always be one shade lighter than the dress. Wearing dark gloves with a light colored dress is considered most offensive. Godey's recommends the Swedish kid gloves in tan for all everyday wear.

Day Gloves
Short gloves of one to four buttons in length are acceptable depending on the length of your sleeve with the 3 button being the most popular. Examples include:

Velvet Gloves by New Looks

Vintage French Victorian Gloves on Etsy 

Vintage Peplin Gloves on Etsy 

Evening Gloves
Gloves from 4 to 12 buttons were typically worn in the evening as sleeve length is shortened. Examples include:

Kidskin Opera Gloves on Etsy

Scroll work Gloves from NewLooks

Hope this helps any ladies searching for the right pair of gloves.

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