Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bag for a Steampunk Ball

Last year I attended the Masquerade Ball at the Florida Steampunk Exhibition East in Daytona and wanted a small bag to carry for the evening. But just any bag wouldn't do so I made a special one for the occasion.

This purse was created using a small unfinished box, with a wheel shape cut out, that I picked up from Michael's for $2.50.

I sanded the box to make sure it was smooth then painted it with metallic acryllic silver paint. The leather straps were added by using a small drill to place holes and in the box and then inserting the grommets through the leather and wood.

I then added small buckles to each leather strap at the top to hold the box closed and drilled two holes in the top to screw in the handle which I find in the kitchen section of the hardware store.

For the wheel area I used hot glue to place a decorative button in the center and small fuses on the spokes.

It worked wonderfully for the occasion as it was just big enough to hold a cell phone, my ID and some cash for the evening.

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