Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Steampunk Hairstyles for Short Hair

Steampunk Hairstyles for Short Hair

Since Victorian ladies never cut their hair the most historically accurate hair styles are created with long hair. But in more modern times women wear their hair at a variety of lengths. So how can one achieve a Steampunk or Neo-Victorian hair style with short hair? Here are a few tips.

Add Color

Strong colors, and a variety of highlights give short hair the Steampunk flair without the length. If you don't want the colors in your everyday life try temporary hair dye, or chalk. 

Go Vintage

Vintage hairstyles and pin curls offer a variety of great styles that go well with mini top hats and fascinators. Use a variety of accessories to dress up these hairstyles. 

Get Messy 

Don't forget to get messy. A messy styling for short hair is a great way to get the Steampunk look in short hair. 

No matter how you style your hair remember that Steampunk is about expressing yourself. Find something you love and others will love it too. 

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