Monday, February 11, 2013

Get the Look- Airship Traveler

Last week I came across this fantastic outfit and would love to have one! With my sewing skills I could make myself one. But what about all those Steampunk enthusiasts that don't sew? How can they get the look? The best option of course is the purchase a custom made outfit from one of the fine Steampunk Designers. But this can be expensive and may not be in your budget. For those readers I have compiled the how to get the look using pre-made items available online, or at your local store.

The Look

What you will need to get the look:
1. The Gathered High Neck Shirt
2. Harness Corset
3. Gathered Pin stripped skirt.

The Shirt
The top is a gathered high neck shirt in a satin/silk material. After much searching I found one similar shirt at 

If you are willing to sacrifice the high neckline another option is a gathered neck tank top like the one pictured below. 

(In a different color of course.)

The Harness Corset

Of the whole outfit this is the easiest piece to find but probably the most expensive. A great resource is Here are a few of the options I found. 

The Skirt
Finding a ready made skirt like the one pictured proved to be impossible, but there are still ways to get the same look. I reccomend buying an ankle or floor length A line skirt in a pinstripped fabric then bustling it to the length you desire. I have shown one below but several stores sell something similar. 

There you have it. A ready made yet custom look at a budget friendly price. 

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