Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lego Star Wars Quilt

Like many boys his age my son LOVES Star Wars Legos. Especially the minifigs. So when I decided to make him a new quilt for his bed I knew it had to have the Lego Star Wars guys on it.

To make this I printed out a drawing of a lego minifig on the printer. A link to this picture is here:

After printing the pictures in the size needed I sketched thier basic clothing and hair on the print outs and labeled each area with the corresponding color.

Now that I had a pattern all I needed was fabric. Of course that was the fun part! In the end I purchased over 20 fat quarters in varying colors. As well as the red border fabric, and the lego looking block fabric.

With the patterns and fabrics ready I used a basic hand applique technique to create the individual character block. Since I had only taken one applique class and completed one project prior to this my technique wasn't perfect. But I doubt my kid even notices.

Once the quilt top was completed my great friend Pam helped me use her long arm quilting machine to complete the star patterned quilting.

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