Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tips for Thrift Store Creations.

The ability to transform an everyday item into something greater has always been a hobby of mine. But over the last 2 years it has become more of a passion. I love to explore my local thrift shops for those everyday items that can become an amazing costume. People have often asked me how I do it, and while the instructions may be project specific the mind set and creativity are not. Anyone can create, it is just a matter of knowing how. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for any project.

1. You Are Not A Machine

To do this you must first realize that you are not a machine, and things are not going to be perfect. In fact they are probably going to be mistakes. In the age of machines this can be a difficult but important thing to accept. You are human, and you are making a handmade item.

2. Have a Plan

Don't start cutting until you have a plan for what you want to make and an idea of how you will make it. Remember once something is cut it is hard to put back together.

3. Try Again

The old saying "If at first you don't succeed try again," certainly applies to remaking clothes. There are many times I will be certain how a project is going to go only to have it change mid stream. You need to be flexible  and change with the obstacles that you need to overcome.

4. Think Outside the Box

When approaching a project don't restrict yourself to just the usual fabric and thread, think outside of that. Concentrate on the shape, feel, or overall aesthetic you are looking for instead where it will come from. Don't restrict yourself to fabric stores either, hardware stores, and your local Walmart have great finds as well.

5. Don't Go Overboard

Make sure that you have the skills, or can obtain the skills to make the item you want. Don't dream bigger than your hands can complete unless you are willing to learn the new skills. Working on a project you can't finish will only frustrate you and make a terrible experience.

6. Be Yourself

Don't let others sway you from your vision. If you want a feathered skirt then make a feathered skirt. You are wearing it not your friends accept their advise but make the things you want to make.

7. Be happy

The most important part of remaking anything is to be happy with the result. Accept the things you can not change and make it yours. In the end you will be the one wearing it and only you have to love it.

Remember there is no right or wrong. This is your creation and only you know how it was supposed to look.

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