Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Steampunk Maternity

In a few weeks I plan to attend the local Ren Fest in with the members of the Airship Annabel Lee. A friend who is new to steampunk will be joining me and wants to go in steampunk garb as well. But she is pregnant and doesn't want to wear a corset, for obvious health reasons. So she asked "What kind of costume could she wear?". I've given it some thought and here are my suggestions for going steampunk during pregnancy. 

First Trimester
Since your tummy will be smaller you have more options during this time. But remember that you will be visiting the ladies room more frequently. 

Lolita Dresses (Still hate the name)
The high waist and flowing skirts are great during pregnancy and can still be worn after. 

Created By Long Live Lolita

News Boy
Short pants with a white button down a vest will give you room for comfort and layers if you get hot. 

Creator Unknown

Second Trimester
With your baby and tummy growing you will want to consider looks with room to grow. You don't want to start making an outfit and outgrow it before you get a chance to show it off. 

This look has a split front shirt and would work well during phase of your pregnancy.

Created By: Flitzichen

This Jacket with only one button would accomodate both the baby and a Victorian inspired look.

Created By talamhruel
Third Trimester
As the end of your pregnancy nears it may become harder to find costume pieces that both fit the aesthetic and are comfortable. But here are a few choices for you. 

Pregnant and Proud! Show off the baby!

Created By: Ariel Meadows

Gown with Jacket
This flowing  dress and short jacket are a great combination during any phase of pregnancy. 

Created By Marisa Taylor

These are just a few ideas to inspire you. Remember to be creative, and wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!

Have ideas of your own? Please share in comments. 

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