Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beyond Boots- Steampunk Footwear for the High Heel Challenged

As a larger woman I often look at the gorgeous knee high boots and wish I could squeeze my large calves into them. But then I realize that even if I could squeeze my legs into the tops my feet would never tolerate the high heels for more than a few seconds. (If I didn’t break my neck first. )
So what’s a woman to do when the amazing shoes just don’t fit?? Look for other amazing shoes of course! And what a variety there is. Below are just a few of the options for large calf/ balance challenged steam enthusiasts.

Clicking on the photos will take you to their online homes for more details.

Icon Gothic/ Steampunk Point Toe Low Heel Bootie

Mary Jane Flats

Lace-up Ankle Boots

Steampunk Combat Boots

Custom Shoes by Cherries Jubilee

Vintage Leather Shoes from Etsy 

Vintage Boots from Etsy

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