Sunday, February 17, 2013

Guns A Blazin' - Choosing a Steampunk Gun

For many the right gun makes an outfit come together. With so many choices how do you choose?

Below are examples of some of Steampunk themed guns to help you choose. Remember these are just suggestions and ideas. You should pick a style that matches your character, your overall look, and most importantly is comfortable for you to handle and carry.

The Rifle
This larger long barreled gun goes well with hunter or assassin steamsonas.

Fancy Steampunk Blunderbuss by Solpisis
Instructables has a great tutorial for making this gun. Click here.

Long Barrel Rifle
Creator Unknown

The Ray Gun
A fun alternative to the revolver or Gatling gun. This works well with any look and usually includes a belted holster.

Available for Dr. Grordbort's.

Creator Unknown

The Gatling Gun
This gun comes in a variety of sizes depending on your personal taste and desire. 

Created by Professor Ca T Pardus
Click here for more photos and a great description of the making of this gun. 

Created By: Challenger70TA

Revolver: The revolver guns look great for Steampunk and the newer subgenre of Dustpunk. 

Created By: kman105

Creator Unknown

These are just a few of the options available. Any gun can be made Steampunk, the only limit is your imagination. 

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