Friday, February 15, 2013

Steampunk Fashion for the Short and Fluffy

Steampunk Fashion for the Short and Fluffy

A couple months ago I attempted to make the fantastic and popular apron shown below.

I followed all of the instructions, created the pattern to my size and was hoping for a fantastic addition to my wardrobe. Unfortunately that is not how it worked out. The pattern was right, the fabric was right, the size was right but the apron looked terrible on me!

“What went wrong?” I asked myself, “Where is my mistake?”

The answer sadly was starting me in the face. Literally, it was staring straight out of the mirror at me. At 5 feet tall and plump the look simply didn’t fit my curvier shape. It was designed for someone with fewer curves, not for a woman with a little fluff.

So what can be done when you aren’t tall, thin, and well endowed? What Steampunk fashion trends will fit the curvier ladies?

So for those short and fluffy Steampunkers here is the answer!

Skirt Length: For shorter woman a shorter length skirt will lengthen the legs giving the appearance of height you only dream of having. Skirts ending mid-calf will do the opposite and make you look shorter. (No one needs that!)

Trends that fit well are the Lolita Dresses (though I hate that title for obvious reasons.) and tiered bustle skirts. Below are great examples of both. 

Lolita Dress

Tiered Bustle Skirt 
(It isn't plus size but it is awesome.)

Raise the Waist: Raising your waist line to an empire waist can add length to your body. ( It also hides areas without having to wear spanx.) The best steampunk trend for this are jumpers. 

The most important thing to remember is wear what you love and what inspires you! Remember everyone has flaws, steampunk is about accepting others and ourselves. 

Please comment with any tips or ideas!

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