Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Steampunk Bicycle

Steampunk Bike
In an attempt to get into shape I recently purchased a bike in the hope that I would get off the internet and onto the bike trail near my house. Sadly simply owning the bike is not enough to lose the weight, and I feel no inspiration to ride.
So what does inspire me? Steampunk of course! So thought I, why not Steampunk my bike! This set me to researching what others had done. (and again sitting on the internet and not my new bike. J)

This is one of the most amazing bikes I have found and while it would be AMAZING to ride down the bike trail on this baby it really isn’t practical.

 This bike is similar to the size and general shape of my bike. I would prefer a shiny copper look to the rust on this bike, and I really like the suite case on the second picture of the bike.

This bike is only a drawing but I do love the idea of the wings/sails on the back of the bike.

These are just a few of the great Steampunk bikes I found online! Now I’m feeling inspired to craft! Maybe when I’m done I’ll feel inspired to ride as well! 

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